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Mother's Little Helper/Savior, The Doula

Written by sarah pollak


Posted on September 23 2017

Why do you need a doula?

Because when you get your beautiful perfect baby they aren't always so peaceful or easy....

You may want one of these....


You can get it in the form of a doula,to avoid resorting to this:

What is a doula, aside from a word that does not roll off the tongue?  

Spellcheck doesn't even recognize it!?  (Really?)  Dictionary.com does (thank goodness!)"a woman who assists women during labor and after childbirth". 

If both parents are staying home for the first two months, then maybe you can skip it. Maybe. Father can use a little helper too.

Doula's do it all-minus actually delivering the baby. 

  • You can have one with you for a hospital birth or a home birth.
  • They help you prep for labor.
  • They are there for you during labor, and if this is your first, here is a heads up-labor is all that it's cracked up to be.  And more.  A doula makes the time pass faster, whether it's a two hour labor or 24 hours. 24 hours is a very long time;nurses change shifts,spouses get tired and hungry and loose the ability to count to 10
  • Doulas are experts. They probably have saved more than one marriage. 

You're a smart mom, you'll figure it out, people have been birthing and handling newborns since, well, ha, the beginning! You could do it all by yourself.  You could, but, here's the beauty of the thing, you don't have to!  

We've said it before and we'll say it again-being a mom is the best, and the hardest job out there.  No contest.  Want to be the best mom?  Know that it's okay to get help sometimes. Start with a doula. You are worth it.



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