Mother's Little Helper

No, not the one the Rolling Stones sang about! We are all about fashion here at Mom's the Word.  This post is not a statement that we are not all about our mission (making you look good), just an indication that we love our customers.

           And, when you get one of these: (because they aren't always so peaceful:)

You may want one of these:

In order to avoid resorting to this:

Although, these days, they are no longer called "Mother's Helper". Doula.  What is a doula, aside from, perhaps, an unfortunate name?  (No, it does not roll off the tongue.)  Spellcheck doesn't even recognize it!?  (Really?) does (thank goodness!)"a woman who assists women during labor and after childbirth".  Yep.  That's the deal.  Do it.  It's worth it.  If both parents are staying home for the first two months, then maybe you can skip it. Maybe, but Father can use a little helper too. And, now here's a plug, but not a well researched one. In other words, a point in a direction, not endorsed.  If you live in San Francisco, check out Natural Resources.  They have been around a long time. If you're in Palo Alto there is apparently someone called the Cervix Whisperer.  Not kidding.  That's all we know about her.  Again, not an endorsement, just  a stepping stone. You're a smart mom, you'll figure it out.  But do ask for help.  We've said it before and we'll say it again-being a mom is the best, and the hardest job out there.  No contest.

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