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11 Ways to Style Your LBD

Written by Austin Ross


Posted on January 16 2018

Before the pregnancy test turned positive, you probably had that one go-to item in your wardrobe that you could wear any day, any time. And, if we had to guess, one of your most beloved wardrobe staples was likely your LBD! Versatile, sexy and oh so perfect, the little black dress is the ultimate style chameleon.

The LBD can go from day to night with just one swap of an accessory, which is why almost every woman has one in her closet. You don’t have to say goodbye to your LBD because you’re pregnant, though. You may have to invest in an updated dress to accommodate your growing bump, but that one investment piece can be worn so many ways and take you through nine months…stylishly. Your LBD will be your go-to piece once again, and you will look chic, sexy and absolutely amazing throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Style is unique to every individual; how you wear a piece of clothing is an interpretation of your personality. And every single outfit can be your own personal masterpiece.

An LBD is your blank canvas to customize and create your ultimate personal fashion statement. Mix in pieces from your pre-pregnancy wardrobe and favorite maternity pieces to reinvent and recycle that one LBD for nine months of wear. You’ll likely love the dress so much that you’ll wear it postpregnancy, too; my pregnancy LBD was so comfortable and perfect that I tailored it years later to fit my post-pregnancy figure! And, yes, I still wear it! Get inspired to make your own LBD statement looks with these style ideas featuring 10 of our favorite LBDs!

The LBD + Denim Jacket

LBD + Denim Jacket

An LBD paired with a denim jacket is always a winning combo. This look is simple, comfortable and effortlessly chic. Heading to the office? Opt for a dark wash denim jacket over your dress for a business casual style. Pair it with your favorite necklaces or just some great statement hoops! Grab a faded denim jacket for weekend wear. Every woman needs the classic blue denim! If you don't have one of these, now is the time to grab one, if you already own a perfect denim jacket, integrate the piece into your pregnancy wardrobe! While it might not button over your growing bump, most of us don’t button our denim jackets anyway. The laid-back casual style looks best unbuttoned!

LBD with an Edge

Leather Detail Moto Jacket

The James LBD

The moto jacket is a wardrobe essential. Over your LBD? Score! Whether you’ve invested in a premium piece or a vintage style at the thrift store, a motorcycle jacket pairs perfectly with the LBD. This duo is all about style with an edge. Nothing—and we mean NOTHING!—will make you feel hotter than wearing a motorcycle jacket. Over an LBD this is all about a “don’t mess with me” attitude, and your confidence will be over the top! Pair the LBD and moto jacket with simple ballet flats for a kick of sweetness or opt for leather boots. While you can indulge in a monochromatic all black look from head to toe, choosing a shoe with a pop of color or a metallic sheen elevates this look.

Laid Back LBD

Riley Nursing Top

Lattice One Size Dress

Sometimes you just want to be laid back and chic on the weekends. Maybe you’re heading out for errands or just chilling at the park…regardless, you just want something that looks stylish without any fuss. Downplay your favorite LBD with one of your beloved button-down oxford shirts. Choose a fun print (we love our Riley Nursing Button Down in the Arrow print) and leave the shirt unbuttoned for a “don’t care” stylish nonchalance. Roll up the sleeves and tie the shirt above your bump—if you want to flaunt it! Too hot for all that?  Tie it around your natural waistline in back and under the bump. We love this look paired with Converse. Espadrilles, sandals, and even flip flops! If you’re retaining water and your feet are swelling, this is the perfect outfit to rock your mules or other comfy shoes! However, if you’re feeling the grunge influence, then grab a flannel and a moto boot (or Dr. Martens!). Add some simple necklaces or a statement pendant.

Make a Statement with Accessories

Long Druzy Necklace

Since the LBD is a blank canvas, you can go bold with accessories! Statement necklaces look amazing against a simple black dress. For an LBD with a low-cut neckline like our Celine Off Shoulder Dress, opt for bigger and bolder accessories. For a more modern bumped look, go for more modern pieces.

Choose accessories in colors that pop against the dark hue of the dress…think greens, reds, or metallic gold or silver pieces. Black also plays well with Pantone’s Color of the Year Ultra Violet. Infuse Ultraviolet into your elegant look with rough-cut amethyst pendants! Of course, statement earrings also pair well with an LBD. Larger hoops, intricate drop earrings or even large geometric earrings can change the entire look and style of a simple LBD. If you’re choosing luxe accessories for an evening out, you may be tempted to grab your favorite high heels to complete the look. As your bump grows, your center of gravity changes, and you may be prone to falling! This is the perfect time for kitten heels!

The Simple Blazer

The Olivia Essential Blazer

LBD in Lace

Oh, the LBD and the blazer! A match made in style heaven? But of course! Any blazer and every blazer is a must for your LBD. Feeling demure and ladylike? Choose tweed or a simple silk. Opt for crazy patterns to pop against the black, or mix in classic solids. Vintage blazers also give this pairing a new spin…think 80s oversized looks (like Molly Ringwald wore in “Pretty in Pink”). If you’re running to the office, keep the look simple with accessories. Add definition by belting the dress just above your bump; statement belts featuring studs or patterns immediately draw the eye to your beautiful bump. Flaunt that baby bump!

Cozy It Up with Cardigans

Cardigan Over LBD

Like a blazer, a cardigan is a simple way to change the look of an LBD. If you live somewhere cooler, grab a luxe cashmere cardigan. Oversized looks are cozy and create dimension…waterfall draped cardigans also exude a flow that feels chic but simplistic. Or choose a cropped cardigan to showcase your bump. One of the easiest ways to redefine the same classic style is to have several cardigans in different lengths and colors. Every layering piece creates a whole new outfit, and, yes, you also can tie longer cardis above the bump for a casual vibe.

Layer It Up from sleeveless to sleeves

-Layer Under

Essential Tee is Ideal under an LBD

Turn a short-sleeve or sleeveless LBD into an entirely new dress by layering your LBD over a long-sleeve tee. The trick to this pairing is to choose a form fitting top for a seamless layered look. What fun!  Throw on a  neckerchief or scarf?  Oh Yeah. Loafers and tights are a fitting choice. Need more warmth? You also can add a cardigan or blazer over it all.

-Layer Over

Jackie 2 piece Dress

Got a tunic or any other looser top?  Got an LBD?  Put 'em together and what have you got?  A new dress!  Treat your LBD as a skirt and just layer all of your longer looser tops over it for a whole new look.  We prefer this over a more fitted bodycon LBD.  If your LBD is looser, then try this, but be sure to belt it over the bump. Our very own Belt It works brilliantly, but you can always grab a scarf or tie.

Long Live Leggings

Leggings during pregnancy (and post-pregnancy!) are really a must-have wardrobe staple. Leggings stretch with your body, and, let’s be real, when your bump is growing every day, comfort and stretch is a necessity! Pair them with your LBD and boots or booties for the ultimate easy urban chic.  Feeling more causal? Wear sneakers, sandals or even your slippers! This is athleisure with an infusion of LBD elegance ad chic!

Fit to a Tee 

Our Heart Tee, over a LBD

You’re probably thinking: “A tee? Over an LBD?” Don’t question this! It works, even over a long-sleeve LBD. It’s the tee layered over a tee look, but with a dress to give the style a little bit of an update. The look is casual and fun…so grab whatever t-shirt makes you happy! Throw on some cute booties or sneakers and you’re good to go!

French Influence

The Breton stripe shirt is a favorite look of the Duchess of Cambridge, but the Breton stripe also nods to French style. And, really, a striped shirt with an LBD exudes French beauty! When layering a Breton stripe underneath a sleeveless LBD, select a style that includes pops of reds or greens. You want a little color with this look. Feeling trés chic? Grab a beret in the same hue as the stripes! We also like to pair this look with ballet flats! During your pregnancy, your body is constantly changing. Your bump will grow, your curves with shift. But your style doesn’t have to change…and the same go-to looks you loved before pregnancy can stay with you throughout your nine months and beyond! The LBD is a classic for a reason and it’s the perfect blank slate to create many amazing styles during pregnancy. Invest in one LBD for nine months of elegant, sexy, and casual on-trend looks that you can adapt to fit your personality and unique style.

So, grab the ultimate basic, the ultimate classic and see what you can do with it.

Keep on thinking outside the bump-mix things up, try things out.  Have fun with this! Stop by the shop and try these!




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