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10 Things You Didn’t Expect When You Were Expecting:

Written by Dede Lewis


Posted on September 29 2018

You're pregnant!  Congratulations!  You think that you know what to expect, you think you've heard it all and your're prepared to be pregnant-woohoo, so exciting...and then

Let the letting go of expectations begin.

Here are our Top 10 Things That You Didn't Expect When You Were Expecting:

1. Exhaustion

Every movie and sitcom about pregnancy talks about the nausea. We are all expecting that. No one prepares you for the sheer exhaustion that has you napping under your desk like George Costanza by 10 am.

tired by kevin grieve.

2. Your body starts changing almost immediately-all over.

You thought that you'd get a nice cute little bump, what you didn't expect were all those other bumps-the girls can go out of control in the first trimester, and all sorts of other things may start changing, and "thickening around the middle" can happen..it all just feels different-but not just a cute little bump different!  Just remember--it's all good-you're pregnant, and nothing, starting now, will be exactly as you expected it to be. 

3. Who knew that strollers were like cars?

Picking the right stroller involves spreadsheets, recommendations and is the biggest choice you will make until choosing a preschool.  Round and round you go...

4. You may not sleep ...

We think it as “nature’s way of getting you ready for baby.” aka "not sleeping".

You expected not to sleep once you HAD the baby, but what you might not have expected was 

-pregnancy insomnia- you are so exhausted all you want to do is sleep, then you finally fall asleep for an hour or two and then- WIDE. AWAKE

-trying to figure out how to sleep with a baby bump, which gives you and your bed discovering a new game-how many pillows you can fit in one bed.  And do all those pillows help?  Yeah. Maybe.  A little. 

The struggle to get sleep while pregnant is real.

5. In your 3rd trimester, you’re starving, but are full after 3 bites.

So, small meals in the first trimester to manage nausea, small meals in the third trimester due to lack of space.

6. When you water breaks it might not be like in the movies.

There may be no gallon of water on the floor. It can be much more more subtle.  Just a head up.  

7. The Name Game may not be as easy as you thought.

Everyone has an opinion on your baby name choices, and many of them are not good and include statements like “you can’t really be considering that name. I went to 8th grade with someone named that and they were terrible.” Riiiight.  Thanks?

8. Heartburn.

If you’ve never had it before, there’s a good chance you are going to now.

9. Everything that you knew about getting dressed changes

You may become a “dress person” when you are normally a jeans and tee shirt gal, you may think that you want super fitted and then just feel thick around the middle in fitted, you may think that you want flowy and discover that you want to flaunt the bump (usually after the first trimester-flowy and cinched are the go-tos's in the first trimester).

10. Your modesty will go out the window

faster than you could have ever imagined. Husband "I didn't realize thatg you were a person who ran around naked."  Yup, before pregnancy, you weren't.  But that too may change. 

We know, we said 10, but...

11. You will need to buy more shoes

Swelling is a thing, and even if your ankles don't disappear, most moms find that a few new shoes are in order.  Gte easy on and off shoes, skip laces, zippers and buckles. And some of us never go back to our before baby shoe size. 

Who knew?

Yep, not what you expected.

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