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Softie Nursing Tee


$ 38.00

A new mama fave.


How does this fit?

This is a new mom's best friend. A nursing tee that is not only soft, shows off the bump during pregnancy, but doesn't even look like it's nursing. What's better than that? 

How does it nurse?

It's as simple as lifting up the inner piece and pulling down the outer. Easy access to get to with one hand while also giving a bit of coverage.

Bump & Beyond 

You absolutely could, we think that most mama's wearing it so often that once their nursing days are over, it goes in the box.  But.  Doesn't have to.


  • Sizing stuff: S=2-4, M=6-8, L=10-12
  • Polyester/Cotton/Rayon
  • 28" Shoulder to Hem
  • Made in the USA

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