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Paige Destructed in Black Shadow

Paige Premium Denim

$ 209.00

The best route to easy instant chic.  Throw these on and go and no one will believe that they're maternity.


What's so good about under the bump?

We've been told multiple times by so many happy mamas that having your jeans under the bump, just feels like your normal pants. With so much being very not normal, it's a great feeling to have when your denim feels like it used to. And those side panels give you so much comfort and room to grow.

How long will these take me?

People adore these from week 9 to week 40. Brilliant beyond.  These work!  Our only disclaimer here is that there are some folks just hate denim in those last few weeks-no matter what the denim looks like or feels like.

What Size Do I Need?

Please, do not go larger just because you are pregnant!! If you are near one of our stores, it might just be worth the time to come by and try them on.  If you really think the belly isn't the only place your old size doesn't fit, then go up a size. Not two. And when you try them on, remember that denim relaxes out, and these are just like your pre-pregnancy jeans-they will relax out.

Bump & Beyond

Most do! Who wants to give up pants this soft and stretchy with such a comfortable waistband. So many come in for them well after the baby days are done.


  • Sizing Stuff: Go with your pre-preg size
  • Inseam: 30" 
  • Front rise 8". Back rise 13". (size 27)
  • Leg Opening: 11"
  • 54% Rayon, 23% Cotton, 22% Poly, 1% Spandex
  • Made in the USA