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Original Nursing Bra


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It's easy to put on, great for around the house or at the hospital, and so comfortable for sleeping (whether you're catching some z's on the couch or in bed).

What are the benefits of this bra?

When you're heavy with milk, you need the support 24/7. It's also awesome for keeping nursing pads in while you sleep to help minimize the mess in the morning. Just clip up, pull down, and you are good to go! Many women do not wear one to bed and wearing one now sounds weird! But you'll thank yourself for it. There's no clasp at the back, you pull this on over the head to wear, so you don't have to worry about laying on anything hard.

Bump & Beyond

Definitely something you should get while you have the bump so you can have it during the beyond. A must have for the hospital bag!


  • Sizing Stuff: Please refer to sizing chart image, or get in touch, because we take a little liberty with the sizing chart and are happy to consult via e-mail or live chat. 
  • 49% cotton/ 32% modal/ 19% spandex-elastane

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