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Organic Cotton Sleep Bra - Ivory


$ 33.00

The first time someone said, "sleep" and "bra" in the same sentence you freaked, right? Well, yeah, welcome to the maybe not always quite so glamorous side of motherhood, but even Angelina probably wore one of these.

How does this work?

So lets talk about the sleep bra. Many women do not wear one to bed and wearing one now sounds weird! But you'll thank yourself for it. When you're heavy with milk, you need the support 24/7. It's also awesome for keeping nursing pads in while you sleep to help minimize the mess in the morning. Just pull to the side, no clips, and nurse. You can even wear it around the house if you want!

Bump & Beyond

Definitely something you should get while you have the bump so you can have it during the beyond. A must have for the hospital bag!


  • Runs a little small, and you're sleeping in it, so go for comfort, it will give you support. 30-32 = S, 34=M, 36=L and remember, this is based on your size before pregnancy.
  • 91% Organic Cotton, 9% Spandex
  • Made in the USA

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