DL1961 Emma Unfinished

$ 178.00
Designer: Dl1961



Ummmm...DL's fabulous fabric, a great wash, a nod to tear and repair, a totally on the unfinished trend hem...a must-have to make mama feel magnificent?  Yes!  Rock the world, then rock the baby. You got this.

Bump & Beyond?  Like all our under the bump jeans, you will totally adore them just postpartum, and there is no reason to stop the rock; throw on a belt, do a front tuck, and the world will never know about those side panels, it's our secret;)

  • Sizing-Go with your pre-preg.
  • Front rise 7.5". Back rise 14". (size 27)
  • Inseam 29"
  • Leg opening 10"
  • 93% Cotton, 6% Polyester