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CoH Avedon Over Bump- Forum

Citizens of Humanity

$ 198.00

Sometimes there's no school like the old school. Under the bump jeans just aren't for everyone and we get that!


Why do an over the bump panel?

Maybe you're too sensitive to have a waistband pushing on you or you're carrying low and you need to have that extra room for the growing baby. Both great reasons to go for over the bump jeans. Added with the fact that the panel can help smooth out any kind muffin top and that these are a super cute skinny, you'll love them.

How long will these last?

Now this is all dependent on how you grow and how you carry. Some women can wear these for a long time and some just give up on pants altogether. No matter, if you're a jean-wearing girl, these are great for multiple occasions during pregnancy and after in the 4th trimester. 

Bump & Beyond

Great for the bump, and some ladies like the panel after baby too, to "hold it all in" or so we have been told ;)

  • Sizing Stuff: Choose your pre-pregnancy size. if in doubt, in these, bump up. They won't fall down:)
  • Front rise 13.5". Back rise 14"
  • Inseam 31"
  • Leg width 11"
  • Cotton,  Rayon,  Polyester, Polyurethane 
  • Made in the USA