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Body Silk Seamless


$ 49.00

As a mom who loves this bra said when we first showed it to her "Um, not a looker is it?"  Nope.  But those "Umm's" turn to "Ahhh's" the minute this bra goes on the body.  So. Simply put?  Yes.


What are the benefits of this bra?

There is so much to love about this bra. Is it the most attractive bra? No, but it has the most comfortable support during pregnancy and through nursing. That seamless band is heaven when the bump gets bigger and you don't want any hard pressure pushing on you. It will mold to your shape with its 4-way stretch and the foam cups, there for coverage during pregnancy, are removable.

Bump & Beyond

Yes! It's a great maternity bra and an even better nursing bra. With easy drop-down cups and a convertible kit to make this a "regular bra" after you nursing journey is complete.


  • Sizing Stuff: Please refer to sizing chart image, or get in touch, because we take a little liberty with the sizing chart and are happy to consult via e-mail or live chat. 
  • Nylon/Spandex