Body Silk Seamless- Black

$ 49.00
Designer: Bravado


As a mom who loves this bra said when we first showed it to her "Um, not a looker is it?"  Nope.  But those "Umm's" turn to "Ahhh's" the minute this bra goes on the body.  So. Simply put?  Yes.

Sizing Stuff: Please refer to sizing chart image, or get in touch, because we take a little liberty with the sizing chart and are happy to consult via e-mail or live chat.
  • Comfortable support during pregnancy and through nursing,
  • Use the convertible kit (included) to make this a "regular" bra after your nursing journey is complete.
  • 4-way stretch molds to your changing shape
  • Removable foam insert
  • Drop-down cups
  • Nylon/Spandex