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BFF (Body Form Fit)

Belly Bandit

$ 79.95

You just thought that diamonds were a girl's best friend, and, we're not here to knock diamonds, but a new mom's best friend is the BFF. 

    Yes.  You want this.

    From the girls at BB  "a job worth doing, is worth doing well. So when ordering the Belly Bandit wear it 24 hours a day 7 days a week (except while showering of course) for 6-8 weeks post delivery. If this helps your back, posture or any other area please feel free to wear it longer."


    Will it hurt me?    

    No!  We are not here to hurt, we, and the BFF are here to help. The BFF does all sorts of wonderous things-helps to minimize stretch marks, reminds you to engage your core and not to slouch while standing or nursing... This is your new BFF. (BFF officially stands for Body Formulated Fit) Sexy it's not, but it is an investment in bringing sexy back.

    Can I use it after a C-Section?    

    Yes, we've known many many moms who love it after a C-Section, and, we are not doctors-ask your doctor or midwife first.

    When do I start wearing it?    

    Immediately.  It should be in your Take-Me-To-Delivery bag. (Again, check with your doc or midwife, but in our experience they all say yes.  All.  Yep.)

    How do I know what size I will need after I deliver?     

    Measure your belly anywhere after 35 weeks, don't freak out, then deduct 3-5" and that is your estimated size.  After delivery you want the BFF to be tight-almost too tight-if you can get it closed, even if just barely, then you're good.  This is the trip back down, remember?

    Why do you only carry one?     

    It's the best. Why is that? The magic is in the panels-in our experience, unless you have a very boyish figure, the ones without panels just give you muffin top, and, well, muffin bottom-it's just not good. And,, it's soft, the anti microb eco-friendly material offers optimum moisture management and helps prevent skin irritation and bacteria growth. If it's good enough for Beyonce post twins, it's good enough for us!


    • Shell: 60% Modal/ 40% Tencel (super soft)
    • Core: 75% Polyester/ 25% Spandex (100% latex free!)
    • Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry(Yes, so, buying 2 is not unheard of, in fact, it's pretty normal.  
    • Sizes Fits Belly Size
      XS 28" - 32" = 71cm - 81cm
      SM 33" - 37" = 84cm - 94cm
      MED 38" - 43" = 97cm - 110cm
      LG 44" - 49" = 112cm -124cm

      50" - 57" = 127cm - 144