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Everyday Bellaband


$ 28.00

Now with additional length and a silicone strip to hold your band in place even better!


What can this do for me?

What can we say? People LOVED these before, and here is what a real live pregnant customer wrote us after getting the new version.

"LOVE  it! The improvements they made honestly revolutionized the thing. I have worn it with pants, skirts and to work out and the silicone strip and extra length really do make a difference in keeping it in place. I have also worn it inside of some pants (instead of over) to smooth this lovely muffin-top action I have developed late in my pregnancy and it's great because I get the same effect as a cami without the extra layer going all the way up. LOVE! .... two thumbs up. Since getting mine, I have gone out and gotten three more for pregnant girlfriends and I know they will love theirs as well."


  • Sizing Stuff: 1= 0-8 pre-pregnancy, 2= 10-14, 3=16+ (also take a look at the size chart if you're still not sure)
  • Stats: 84% Nylon 16% Spandex

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