Is all of my information safe when I order online?

  • We neither sell nor share your information with outside companies or third parties. When you purchase from our online store, we collect your name, billing and shipping addresses, phone number, e-mail address, and credit card information. You provide this information so we can process and ship your order. We respect your privacy by not selling or sharing this information with anyone, anytime, under any circumstance. 
  • Protecting your information is our highest priority. We have developed several safeguards to keep your information completely confidential. To proceed to checkout, you must enter your e-mail address and create a password. The checkout process itself employs Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)* technology to ensure your safety.
  • *Secure Sockets Layer encrypts your order information and sends it to a secure server, making it impossible for that information to be decoded by a party outside of the store you shop with.
  • Furthermore, only our store will have your information; other members of the Modern Retail community will not have access to your information unless you decide to shop with them. To check the security of your connection during checkout, look for the unbroken key or closed lock at the bottom of your browser window. This indicates SSL is active.
  • We encourage you to sign-up for our emailing list so you can receive advanced notice of store sales, new merchandise, and other store-related events. But, of course, you have the freedom to add or remove your name from our list at any time.


Is everything you carry maternity?

  • About 60% of our selection is NOT maternity (but all will work for your belly)! We go to great lengths to find the best pieces for your wardrobe: quality, fit and of course, style! Our Bump & Beyond guide under each item is your go-to for information about the versatility of wear. Questions? Ask! hello@momstheword.com 

Can you just send me some cute outfits? I hate shopping, even online and especially pregnant!

  • It’s what we do best! Just go here.  Leave the rest to us!

I love your blog! How do I send you my adorable photo/funny story/inspiration of my: baby bump/newborn baby/pickles and ice cream/beautiful nursery/amazing baby shower/ favorite new outfit from MTW?

  • Send it our way, Girl! We loooooove to receive fun stuff from you for our blog! Write us at hello@momstheword.com.

How do I make a purchase on your website?

  • To add an item to your bag, simply click the Add to Bag button next to it. (Items you put in your bag will not be bought by you until you have completed the checkout process.)
  • To remove an item from your bag, simply click REMOVE next to the item you wish to discard.
  • To view what is in your bag at any time, click the Shopping Bag link in the page header.
  • To purchase what you’ve selected, click on your shopping bag and click Checkout. Follow the simple steps to purchase your items.
  • Once we have confirmed your order, an account is automatically established for you in the Modern Retail community of stores.
  • To access your account in the future, click the My Account button in the header of any page and enter the e-mail address and password you created at checkout. (If you have not been through checkout, but would like to create an account, simply click on My Account and follow the steps to create a new account.)


    I have a question, comment or need help...where is your contact info?

    • We love to hear from you! Visit our Contact Us page for our contact information.