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Transitional Style: How To Choose Maternity Wear That Works For More Than One Season

Austin Ross

Posted on February 27 2018

Seasons come and go, but your look should be timeless!

The weather outside is changing and your baby bump is growing fast, so what on earth are you going to wear today? Changing body, changing seasons, trying to get dressed every morning, oh my! Transitional style may sound tricky to master, but it’s not. The weather outside is changing and your baby bump is growing fast, so what on earth are you going to wear today? Transitional style may sound tricky to master, but it’s not. In reality, any savvy mama out there can get this right. So, where should you begin? There's a lot of transitioning going on in your life.  You can do this.  Here's how.

Layers, layers, and, oh yeah, more layers. Bu how?

So, this piece, that you will rock, bump & beyond, all summer long...

Dress for Summer

can be worn when the temperature hovers around freezing. Check out how Gloria layered it up for cozy style!

Sit tight – we’re going to let you in on a teeny-tiny secret. Transitional style is all about layers, but shh, you didn’t hear it from us. When you’re buying your maternity basics, be sure to get things that you can layer up or down, at a mere moment’s notice. Add a scarf, a cozy cardigan, a pair of tights, booties and go!

And, if that cardigan happens to be super cozy and maybe you can wear it upside down too?  Try it, it's two in one!  This trick won't work with all of your cardigans, but try it, you might be pleasantly surprised!

      cozy cardigan

Since the weather can be as unpredictable as our weird food cravings, you never know when you’re going a little extra warmth or a way to cool down. Create a capsule wardrobe of basics. Don’t be shy. Play around with textures, patterns, and styles to create looks that just scream ‘you’!

Don’t dare underestimate basic tees.

Not basic basics:)

Basic may sound… Well, boring, but it doesn’t have to be. Simple little tees are the foundation of any cool weather outfit and don’t forget it. Pregnant bodies need room to breathe. There are no shortcuts here. You need to get it right straight away. Choose some uber cute tees that maybe are basic with a hint of fun-but not so much fun that you can't wear them every other day;)  You won’t regret it.  And, layer them under pretty much anything. 

Take a super summer top and transition from brrr to sunny with a blazer. Boom!  With a bump... 

kennedy nursing top bumped

and if it's nursing?  Even better as worn by blogger Lynn of Gold Vintage West proves.

kennedy worn by gold west vintage

Add a blazer? Take a top to  easy cozy maternity chic.  Although this blazer is not maternity.  Because, a blazer does not need to button, in fact, super more flattering to leave it open.  Does that make you crazy?  Belt it above the bump-with a super stretch belt, a sash or wear a tie-a men's tie-square knotted and to the left or right of the bump.

kennedy and olivia blazer

Blazers are not only flattering but comfortable. Ding ding ding! That’s the dream combination right there. Oh, and they are perfect transitional items too. As summer moves into fall, you can slip a few layers beneath your blazer and maybe even a heavy scarf on top too. That way, you can feel cozy and warm, while still rocking a killer look.

Add a Cozy Scarf

Sometimes pregnancy can bring you summer and winter all in an hour.  Throw a scarf on and take a top to warm and toasty from easy breezy.

cozy  up with a scarfjil sheet 2 piece top

Spoiler: Mom jeans go with everything and are every season

Say it together now: “Mom jeans are the actual dream.” If you’re a cool and casual type, jeans are likely your go-to look. From running chores to heading on a girly brunch date, these low-key pants are the way to go. They suit every look. They look super relaxed. They are super confident. And they are basically no hassle. And, whatever the season, they will keep you comfy and looking good-from the first trimester when things start to feel tight..

dark wash DL

to the very end, and you will love love love these, whatever the season, for the trip back down.

paige destructedpaige every day

By the way, maternity jeans are not the same as ‘fat jeans.’ Not by a long shot. Rocking the denim look is all about dressing your bump-rather than dressing over-sized. That’s the golden rule here. Write it down. Remember it. Live it.

Oh, and leggings are actual life-savers.  

susana m under bump legging

If we could give you just one snippet of advice for creating a transitional maternity wardrobe, it would be this: Invest in maternity leggings! Okay, invest in two, wear them all seasons, and beyond the bump too.

side zip leggingankle zip eggingmesh insert capri maternity legging

Do it. Do it now. Whether you’re wearing a cool dress or just a super long top, leggings will feel super supportive and look stylish too. Seriously, say Yes to leggings under your dress. And, if the weather is nippy, they will keep you warm too. What more could you want?!

Oh, and one more word on leggings  If you plan on wearing them with shorter tops?  Make sure that nothing that you don't want revealed is revealed.

What’s more, there’s the stretch factor to think about here. What was once a mere bump will grow to a full-on pregnant stomach before you can say “Hey, where’d that come from?” While most clothes will start to get tighter, leggings will give you the room that you need. Plus, they go with basically anything you own, regardless of the season. Yes, please!

Still not feeling like your look fits the weather outside? Never fear. We’ve got your back. One super simple way to bring your outfit crashing and banging into the right season is to change up your accessories.  Go cool and blues and corals for summer and warmer, ambers, burgandys and golds for cooler weather. Maternity shopping is about building on what you love, not revamping your look entirely.

    So, what are you waiting for, eh? Don't wait for the weather to change to get comfy-and making sure that you can breathe!  Starting building your capsule transitional wardrobe right now. Winter, spring, summer or fall, every soon-to-be mom deserves to feel awesome and looking good helps!  

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