Top 5 pieces: bump & beyond

We get asked all the time by women who walk in the shop, look dazed and a little like a deer in the headlights, and say, literally, "Help?  What do I need?"

So, these are the top 5 items year to date, that we assume pregnant women need, because they are our top 5 sellers.  Just by the numbers.  Opinions don't matter. Real facts.  No alternates here.

1. Camisoles.  These probably make the list because you will layer them under everything; they can be seen or never seen, and you will wear them forever.  Okay. Maybe not the nursing camis, but, you get the point.  And everyone ends up with more than one.  Usually more than two. Just the numbers.  Just the facts.

no.1 cami- long enough, soft, wear it solo or layered, $28 and moms come in for more way beyond the bump, like, 8 years beyond sometimes.

no.2 cami, a very tight race, this one has built in bra happiness, cottony, lined cups, racer back optional straps, full bump coverage, great beyond fit, and easy peasy comfy nursing access. $72


2.  Leggings.  But.  You knew that, right? Even the few people who swear that they will never wear leggings...end up loving their leggings. And,do some people have more than one?  Yes.  Over, under and active.  Uh huh.  Leggings as pants and leggings as layer. Yes to that too. Which ones are best? They're different.

Over bump, $48-we do not usually suggest these as pants-a little too much may be revealed.

Under bump, $121- like the camisoles, people come in still wearing them many moons after their sleepless nights with a newborn, could be worn through to the sleepless nights with teens, that's how good they are and how long they last. Susana Monaco's quality is second to none.

Active, $88, the band can be worn up or down, the weight on these is solid and super stretchy but reveals nothing, just smooths, and while they are officially "active", there are many a mom running around who may or may not have been in a gym or spin class recently, but are plenty active and live in these.


3. Jeans.  See, this is not so surprising this list, is it? Are there rules here?  Nope. How many pair do you have not-pregnant?  If you wear jeans almost daily, one pair is not enough.  The math:that would be 300 wearings if you assume that you will wear them from 12 weeks pregnant through the baby's 3 month birthday.  And, that is a safe assumption.  About 1% of the population leaves the hospital in their pre-pregnancy jeans.  And it might be fewer, we made that number up. 

So, if you are feeling bloated at 4 week or four months, that is a feeling, but the fact is that you are pregnant, and these will help you feel pregnant, not fat, because, we repeat, you are pregnant not fat!! Celebrate!  And do it in the style that you deserve.

4. This Dress. Simple. Classic. Multiple colors. Fabric which has been described more than once or twice as "butter". 

No. 1 color?  Onyx.  Which is black. Which my kids used to argue was not a color. Anyone recognize our beautiful Italian mama and Palo Alto manager, Gloria, in hers over 2 years ago? Her son turns 2 next month!  

5. This dress. It's easy, it's cute, it looks great at every stage, it can be belted above the bump if you want a little more structure, it has magic hidden zippers for nursing, and...pockets:)

So, if our dreams of clients know a thing or two, and they do, grab these 5 pieces and you'll be off to a great start at getting dressed for bump & beyond.

Now.  Can we talk about Oscar picks?



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