THE Maxi for Mom and Beyond

Let us say we LOVE what we do. We get to meet every kind of mama you can imagine, and we love it. 

All of those very different expectant mamas have something in common: a Baby Shower.

These mamas may be totally different in every way, but they have something else in  common: The Angelina. Yep, that dress has done just about everything.

We had one client, a beautiful tanned and manicured blonde, from Beverly Hills who was having a shower with a guest list of 300 at the Beverly Hilton. Yep, you read that right, 300 people. The look of the shower was Bling; everything was to be encrusted with something sparkly from the chairs to the napkin rings. It was going to be a lovely and extravagant affair where the guests were going to be treated to an intimate show by a POP star and Cristal Champagne.  We got her dressed in style in the black Angelina because it was just the right dress for an afternoon dressy affair! She loved it and paired it with her best blingy-bling and a killer pair of sparkly pumps and off to her Shower of Showers she went!

Then we had another soon-to-be mama in to find a dress for her pre-baby party. She was a little different than the above customer. Her hair was short, spiky, and blue. Her arms were covered in ink, and her vintage work boots let us know she was not the one to wear frilly heels. But, she needed a dress for her Baby Shower. Hers was an affair for 10, at a motorcycle shop in Orange County, where the beer would flow (for her guests, she said she hated booze long before she was pregnant) from a keg and where her guests would be treated to free tattoos from her brother and his tattoo cronies. Pretty cool. Guess what; she LOVED the Angelina in black too.  She planned to wear hers with her fave cowboy boots and a red farmers hat that belonged to her grandpa.  So off she went happy and with the perfect dress. 

The Angelina does caviar just as well as it does BBQ lays. 
It is really that easy.  Really that Bump and Beyond. Really that perfect.  You'll love it, we promise. 

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