The Kelly Duet in White-pregnant, nursing or not

This piece has been a runaway hit since she first hit the stores. Two pieces that are great as a pair, but can be broken up, still stay friends, then get back together again.

In white it is a summertime fave-light and fresh and airy. 

She covers those arms that maybe aren't beloved, but, if it hits 120(Hello Tucson!)  the tank is designed to stand on it's own. It's silky soft and simple, but just right solo or layered under everything.

Back into the A/C? Back on with the top piece.  Pregnant?  We like it tied up in back to give some definition to that fabulous bumped up  silhouette. 

Nursing? Loosely tied or not tied at all.  Both ways will give you at least the illusion of a waist for that trip back down after dellivery. 


Knotted or not, Kelly is like the strong, smart fabulous mama she is named after (who is also one of our favorite singers)- she is exceedingly happy making:)


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