Dad's the Word

Dad's the Word. Just like mom.  Today and every day.

Want to know a little bit about us?  Here are some of our favorite dads:).

Nancy's :


"This is the quintessential photo of my Dad.  He left the planet way too soon at 58.  

He was a story teller, could hold court and make anyone laugh. Loved his family fiercely and nothing made him  happier than seeing his kids happy.  He was a role model and a man of immense integrity.  To this day, people talk about him as though he just left the room for a minute, his legacy is that strong.  


When I was 5 and going to kindergarten, Mom took me, but I ran after her screaming, crying and literally holding onto her pant leg. She finally gave in, brought me home and then called my Dad at the Bank, saying "I can't get her to stay, you come home and take her".  As my Mom tells the story, ''Your Dad picked you up at home, then after a few hours (the length of the school day) he pulled up in the driveway and out you came!  It wasn't until he came home from work that night, did he told me he sat on the piano bench in school with you, so you would stay."  He did that for 3 days until I finally stayed on my own.  You gotta love a Dad that would do that! :) 


PS.  I wrote my kindergarten teacher when I graduated from university to let her know I actually did manage to get a BA! "


Kate's :

This is my favorite photo of us ever. It's my daddy in a nut shell :)


Gloria wrote and sent a picture of a most important dad in her life; her husband and father to her son.

"I love this photo of Ivan and Matthew. This was on the day he was born :)"



"Here are the dads in my life. My dad is in the white, on the right. This picture was taken several years before he passed away, with my uncles and my 95 year old grandpa- who is still today just as he was in this picture."


Julia first wrote saying that the only thing that she could find with ease was a video of her father bench pressing her sister!  Haha!  But then she sent this of her father with her beloved nephew:


A picture is worth a thousand words.  To say more would be too emotional.

Tina's :  No picture of Tina's papa.  As I type this she is en route from one amazing father in her life-her son, to see her own father, who has not been well.  Our thoughts and prayers are with her and her father.

"The big papa!"  Father to 4, stepfather for over 30 years to 3, grandfather to 10 who are spread around the globe; Brooklyn(he's a Brooklyn boy), CA, Switzerland and New Zealand.


Sarah's :

"My father, with my mother, because they are a great team.

I admit to wincing when I hear myself some days-I sound just like him-worried about some visual thing or anther, but, in truth, I am grateful for that aesthetic. 

He is a man who may spend weeks (months?) searching for the perfect lamp for the dining room, which he finally finds from an exclusive Italian designer that is almost impossible to find.  It is simple and elegant and he derives great and genuine pleasure from it's beauty. Then, when he moves, leaving the piece in the house, he is equally delighted by a beautifully designed lamp that he discovers at Ikea.  He has taught me that knowing what is important to you is important to know and trust, to not follow the crowd, to stick to your truths-in design and beyond. I am forever grateful."

*The lamps. Which is iTre,and which is Ikea?



I am very thankful I have my dad to check in for my flights (God forbid I am in Group B), and report the traffic and weather conditions before I venture out into the unpredictable elements of California.
The most generous, sensitive man I know who tells the corniest jokes, but gives the most invaluable advice...whether it be legal or personal. 
I am thankful everyday for my father. 
To All Dads Everywhere, to all the amazing and fabulous dads and dads2b we meet in the stores, we applaud you.

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