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Making a Splash

Austin Ross

Posted on July 25 2017

Bathing Suits. When are they easy to shop for? Well, never. When you factor in the Baby Bump, it feels like it could add even more to the Swimwear struggle. But, It doesn't have to! You've got it, flaunt it! And, here's the good news-you don't have to suck in your stomach! 

Wherever there is water, we have got you covered!  

There is the Summer Showstopper, The Rosy Tankini.  This is the FEEL GOOD suit of summer 2017. It has done everything from 4th-of-July Beverly Hills pool parties to Caribbean Babymoons and everything in between.

We pride ourselves dressing mamas for anything and keeping them looking good and feeling great, and now we are taking it to the beach, or the pool, or even the lake. We don't have a crazy large selection.  Why?  Because we carry swim year round and we have tried them all, and we stock the ones that people feel best in. Period.

Feeling more classic? Our Pinup Maillot has a retro chic vibe that is ALWAYS in style.

And another favorite, the Arizona Jacquard Tankini-al the way from Spain, as cute as it is sporty,as perfect for a dip in the pool as it is for lounging by it!

Bikini with a Bump?  We've got that covered too.  Our bikini leaves the bump bare- but gives the boobs and the bum a wee bit more coverage than your average bikini.  In fact, many a mama has said that they never wear a bikini because their not maybe perfectly flat stomach, but, pregnant?  Yup.  Do it!

Bumped Bikini

Just don't forget your Sunscreen!


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