Jumpsuits, and all that Onesie stuff-for mom!

One piece dressing is what so many moms crave-just throw it on and go.  And dresses are great, don't get us wrong!  For the past year or two? Our jumpsuits are so popular it's a little hard for even us to get our head around.  It started here, with this one piece, and honestly, it felt like a bit of a limb to Emily, the buyer, but she was semi-obsessed.

We loved the idea but weren't sure that our clients would.  We like to be humbled I guess, because wow were we wrong! People kept coming in and asking if it came in another color.  "Like what?" we would ask, because, um, it was navy, pretty basic, and in a "color" it would sort of terrify us-babies can pull off a pink or coral romper, but someone larger?  No.  "Black" would be the response.  "Black?  You have it in navy and you would also want it in black?" Without hesitation the reply would be "Yes!"  So. Black came next.

And it flies out of the store.  It looks and feels amazing with a bump, and the number of women who buy it who aren't pregnant is about equal to those who get it pregnant. And while it is not designed for nursing, it is easy to pull down and is unbelievably popular with the nursing crowd.

Adorable Megan, from Classic Kids, came in to drop off more Gift Cards(more about that here)bought it, wore it in Vegas and the number of people who had stopped her and ordered it online blew us away! If we hadn't run out it would have been funny. we have bumped up our orders (pun intended) and will not run out again!

Then there were requests for a sleeve. So, while this one was a little risque for many mamas, we threw a little cropped tank under it and Voila! perfect for everyone, and now even more discreet nursing access!


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