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Holiday Dressing Perfection

Sarah Pollak

Posted on November 29 2016

Women come in trying to find the perfect dress for occasions all year long, be it a wedding, a shower, a luncheon,a gala, etc. This time of year, it's all about the holiday parties!  What to wear to look and feel fabulous, and like you, bump and all?
1. Start by trying on different silhouettes.  The old, pre-pregnant rules no longer apply. 
Try something fitted.
Then try something short and swingy.
If going fuller short is more flattering, showing a little leg!  If you're not enamored, throw a belt under the bust for a little shape without going full on fitted.
2. Think outside your familiar color choices. 
Usually go for reds or burgandy this time of year? If you go with black or navy you will get a lot more use out of this purchase.  If you go with deep green, burgandy or red, it's a one and done. Most people want to get more use out of their selection-have the ability to dress it up or down, wear it again and again and...yes, you're pregnant...again.
3. Accessories matter. Accessory matters.
Bling out a basic black dress with some fabulous costume jewelry-necklace and bracelets, or some statement earrings? Have fun! If that's not your speed go simple elegant understated with diamonds or pearls.  Then.  The next day? Wear that dress with a cozy cardi!
4. Shoes matter too.
Can't drink, but this wine may be just the pop of color you crave, in a style that is you, and, just like a little black dress, will be worn again and again.(and we probably spent too much time looking at's an illness, but we're not worried:)
5. Belt it with a bow!
If you're feeling like having fun, grab some ribbon-silver, gold, wine, crimson, whatever- tie it above the bump in a big bow.  Then pretty please move it off center-a giant bow centered over a bump?  No. Just no.
Don't know how to tie the perfect bow? It's important.  Having a boy?  It may never matter again.  Having a girl?  It might.  Learn here.
6. Got the best gift ever? "didn't really weigh a lot, no ribbon round, sometimes made a terrible sound"? (Thx Barbra S. for the best xmas song)  But.  Still have a bump?  Panic not.  That's why wraps and ruanas were invented! Grab an easy to pull down dress and off you go.  Long necklace?  Yes-best to emphasize the vertical, eh?
Here's to the best, most beautiful holiday season ever!


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