Happy Happy

It's the day before Christmas and all through the store all the last minute shoppers are rushing about.  And some are hanging out.

There are  studies that say that happiness is contagious.  This is proven to us daily.  And we are grateful.

❤️❤️ all of or beautiful wonderful clients like Katie.

She's expecting her 4th. A girl this time (and she naturally would have been happy with healthy), but the red heart won. It matched her nails:)  

Xmas is covered for her boys. They're headed to snow and fun tomorrow and her jeans we're feeling tight- not making her feel good at the halfway point. Her "cheap leggings" felt icky.  She knows how to be the best mom-so she came in to take care of mama!  A couple of jeans, leggings, a cozy sweater, the heart tee, grab the $29.99 Adrianna-why not? How many lattes is that? Yeah, she'll wear it and look cute, even though she isn't sure she'll like it in a couple of months.  Personally I think it will look good on her the whole 40.

This mom is ready!  And so happy!  All that science about happiness being contagious?  I wasn't unhappy before, but I'm just happier now too!

Thank you to all of our clients who bring smiles to our faces everyday.  

And, a holiday gift, just for you?  Mention this blog and we will make you smile even more-get a free MOM cami with that purchase.*  Just keep spreading the smiles:)


*smiles daily, free cami in-store only, through 1/5/17, limit one per person:)

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