Grateful. Thankful. Thank You.

Find your gratitude, and share it.  And, if you share it on Instagram #MOMthanks and tag us @momsthewordstyle, we've giving great stuff away! Just more to be thankful for! Join us!


All of us here are so thankful. I personally am so thankful for so much. 

Starting with my two beloved boys.  I am grateful that I did not give them up-the older one when he was 3 months old and had colic and I thought "Hmmm, healthy baby boy, I could probably get a good price for him on the black market."  (No, I never actually would have, because I loved him madly, but man was I tired!) The black market for teenagers is not as good, so, by the time I considered putting the younger one up for adoption, there just wasn't a demand, and there was already ample supply.

I am so thankful and proud that they both have grown up to be such fine young men. I am grateful for everything that they both have taught me.  Who knew I had so much to learn!?


Okay, so, that was the personal.  Now the political. No. Just kidding.  Now the "business" gratitude.

First there are all the moms.  All of these real moms with real babes in them modeled for us.  Some of them have teenagers now! Crazy! I am so grateful for all of the tens of thousands (yep, that's crazy too) of moms who have walked through our doors.

And then, there are the people who I get to work with, who I get to have fun with, laugh with, cry with, and who who make it all good. I am SO thankful. (Plus one who won't let us use her picture, but she's lovely too:)

We hope that everyone finds the gratitude and wonder in giving thanks this Thanksgiving Day.

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