Clothes that Multi Task

As women and moms we like to multitask. Ok, maybe we don’t like it, but we do it. But we actually do like clothes that can multitask. Here are some of our favorite multitasking pieces:

Drape Crossover Top

This top is AWESOME. It is that go-to piece that you can throw over literally anything you own to elevate your look. Tank and leggings, put this on over them and you are dressed.  Fitted Maxi dress? Add this and you can keep the dress in your work wardrobe rotation an extra day this week. Newly pregnant or newly postpartum and feeling meh about your mid section? Put this top on. The flattering drape doubles as camouflage, but the fitted back doesn’t add bulk. We particularly love the navy over either the navy microstripe maxi OR navy slub maxi.

Lux Leather Navy

Speaking of navy or as we like to call it, summer black. We got our lux leather patch jacket in- queue Oprah voice: NAAAAAAAAVY! The leather patch  detail shows slightly more in the navy, but you can still wear it with jeans and a our cinched tank or over a maxi dress. It gets bonus points for being long enough to cover your rear- so it pairs perfectly with leggings.

Kelly Duet

We LOVE our Kelly Duet. It is one of those pieces you look at on the hanger and are like “what do I do with it?” What don’t you do with it. When you are newly pregnant you put on the tank part, give it one ‘scrunch’ around the middle and don’t touch it again. You will feel like you want to pull it down tight, fight that urge, it’s better scrunched until your bump is more defined. Then put on the top layer. Adorable. As you grow, you can use the long tank as a bra friendly layering piece. The top piece, you guessed it, perfect over a fitted maxi dress. Grab two, and mix and match?  Yes! Another piece that covers the arms and makes any dress work appropriate,plus combats air conditioning and brisk San Francisco summers. When you are nursing, refer back to the ‘scrunch” tip above.

Kate Cascade Cardigan

“I have something at home similar to that “ is something we hear a lot about this piece until people touch it. It feels like it is made out of butter and magic. It is seriously so soft. You can see the ways to wear it , on our website much more easily than can be described here. What you can’t see is the amount of people who take this cozy thing to the hospital to wear over nursing camies or on the ride home. It is that soft.

We’d love to hear your stories of multitasking pieces you have picked up from us!

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