Bra Ahhhs!

If you don't get a new bra after your 12th week there is a 99.9% chance that you are wearing the wrong bra size. We feel confident in this statement since, according to Oprah, there was an 80% chance that you were wearing the wrong bra size before you got pregnant. So. Yeah.

You, your girls, the babe in you, your partner-all of those people deserve better than that.  In a perfect world the girls get a trip to a store that knows how to properly fit a bra, and specifically, a nursing bra. 

Why?  Because women walk into our shops daily wearing a 38D and leave with a 34G, or walk in wearing something that was, once-upon-a-time, a 34C but has pretty much stretched out so it no longer offers any support what-so-ever. 

And, mostly, because bra fitting is an art, and because a mom in her 38th week just left with the bras below, in the sizes below.


One woman.  (Second baby.)

5 different sizes. 

Here are the bras she left with, in the sizes she bought.

This awesome, super comfy, great support bra

size Small:

This organic cotton sleep bra

size Medium:

This "Oh, thank you! This makes me feel normal and cute!" underwire bra

in a 36D.

This super soft no wire lace trimmed plunge bra

in a 34DD

And this great support,cute but subtle print, no wire one

in a 34C


So, find the time to get to a store, or call or live chat with one of us so we can try- as best we can-to get you ordering the right size in the right bra for you.

The mama mentioned above also knew that she wanted them all, and that she might bring one or two back and swap it for another after delivery, but that she didn't want to make her husband come in and buy a bra for her and that the support of the bras from her last child belonged in the trash-in fact, she wore the yoga bra out and handed us the one she wore in, requesting that we dispose of it!

Last thing, and we get asked this daily:

How many nursing bras do I need? 

You will most likely want at least 4-one  sleep, one nude, one black and one that you can run out in, or fall asleep in (in that "sleep when the baby sleeps" in the middle of the day way).

Oh!  And our lined nursing cami-outside or in?  Sweetest dream-day or night.

Life truly is just better in a good bra!

Here are a few easy to follow tips for getting a properly fitting bra:

  • if you are hoping to nurse, when you outgrow your pre-pregnant bra, get a nursing bra.  it may or may not fit you after you deliver, but odds are good that it will fit you at some point in your nursing career, thereby doubling your investment. if you buy a regular bra, without surgery, that bra will never fit you again!
  • getting a bra in month 2-4, it should fit comfortably on the tightest hook so your baby can push out your rib cage(good times) and you can let your bra open up as that happens
  • month 5-7, middle hooks
  • in month 8-9 you want to get a bra that fits on the loosest hook so you can tighten it back up after delivery for proper support
  • if you are buying a nursing bra in your 9th month find a bra that is almost uncomfortable on the loosest hook.  not unbearable, but tight.  after delivery it will give you a proper fit
  • do the bend and scoop(think legally blonde, with a twist)-bend at the waist, reach into your bra and, from the outside in, scoop inward
  • if your boob is spilling out of the top, go up a cup size. cleavage is not the goal here.
  • if you are trying on a bra with an underwire, make certain that the wire is off the soft tissue of the bra.
  • pay attention to the band of the bra. is it sitting on your body parallel to the ground? you're good.  (unless you want to rip it off your body, then go up a band width) if it's riding up your back, loosen the straps tighten the band. still riding up? go down a band width
  • if you go up in band width, try going down a cup size. down a band width? try up a cup size
  • happy feeding!





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