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Best Dressed Bump-Fitted or Flowing?

Sarah Pollak

Posted on February 05 2017

If you have ever read anything that we've written you will know that we don't believe in right/wrong in dressing, parenting, or, honestly, much of anything.  So, when people come in and ask whether fitted or loose is better we throw them in the fitting room to figure out which is best for them. And, the funny thing is, at least half leave with a mix of fitted and flowy!

This loose and flowy piece is a runaway favorite with almost everyone. 

Bump, nursing and the next year, and the year after that and......forever.  Seriously. 

This super fitted and body conscious dress, which we offer in at least 3 prints at any given moment, is another runaway winner.  If it wasn't, we wouldn't offer so many ways!

If you love the idea of fitted, but aren't feeling quite as confident as the amazing Veena did when she was in her 6th month, then take a page from a Kardashian-don't worry, we won't judge or tell.  (Kourtney did it in every variation.)


And, before Kourtney, another of our amazing models, Michele, also preferred the look layered.

The divine Ms. Zoe lived in fitted, including the maxi in all it's variations, with or without a layer.

One thing that we have observed is this: our clients prefer a little definition somewhere, so, even on the looser styles, people like an empire, or to create an empire waist with a belt.

All to say, which is better? Both?  All? Yes!



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