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Happy Day to all Moms-aka the original 3D printer

Sarah Pollak

Posted on May 12 2017

Ever wonder if a mom is amazing?  Well, maybe not, maybe you are a mom now, so you get it.  We are amazing.  Let's just admit it, shall we?  We rock big time.  

Need proof? Check out this TED Talk full of fun facts like:

  • A 3D printer needs three elements: a bit of information, some raw material, some energy, and it can produce any object that was not there before.
  • the number of atoms, the file that I will save in my thumb drive to assemble a little baby, will actually fill an entire Titanic of thumb drives — multiplied 2,000 times
  • Every time you see from now on a pregnant lady, she's assembling the biggest amount of information that you will ever encounter. Forget big data, forget anything you heard of.

To all the hundreds of thousands of MOMs who have joined us through the years, we hope that this Mother's Day you celebrate the wonderful mom that you are.  

And, here are just a few; moms who walked into the store and were  asked to model, some of the women pictures here have 12 or 14 year olds now, two worked here while pregnant, took time off ( 1 year to 8 years) and are back now, and there is one professional model in this collage.  Which one is the pro? Bet you can't guess.

Celebrate, throw your head back and laugh, look up at the sky, watch your child sleep, feel that baby in you, give a butterfly kiss, enjoy a delicious home cooked breakfast-enjoy the journey.  Pause. Smile. Enjoy the wonder that you are.



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