Oscars-from tees to gowns

We dress so many people all day long, for every day life and for other events. Naturally the Oscars are fun and exciting, but who would have guessed that the first snap of a bump that we'd see would be our very own heart tee, on one of our lovely clients?  We <3 you Anne.  Thank you! heart tee anne hathaway   We dress many moms for the #Oscars and this year was no exception.  Will you see most of them?  Probably not.  It all depends on who wins. We are secretly rooting for a few moms, because we would love some women who are behind the scenes to get up on that stage -and if they're in dresses that we helped them find, then that's a cherry on top.   Here are a few that are there, whether you see them or not.  We hope that all of the mamas there, pregnant or not, are having a fabulous evening. oscarcolageGood Luck to everyone at the show!

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