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Winter Skin Care Tips for the MOM2B

Austin Ross

Posted on January 26 2016

Has the winter cold left your skin begging for help? As if hormones weren't enough, the cold, windy days of winter can strip your skin of all visible moisture, leaving you desperate for some relief from dry, cracking hands, chapped lips and itchy skin (we're talking to you, baby belly). Follow these tips to lock in moisture and keep your skin happy all winter long!

Have Lip Balm Handy!


Chapped and peeling lips can happen in the blink of an eye! Keep your lip balm nearby, especially on trips out of the house and after eating or drinking. Our favorite is Burt's Bees all-natural (and totally safe for mama and baby) Beeswax Lip Balm.

Drink More Water!


Dehydration can happen quickly...especially with a baby on board when your body needs even more liquids than normal! An easy-to-drink-from tumbler makes all the difference in keeping water accessible. Sick of pure water? Add some cucumber, lemon or orange slices to your jug and switch it up! For safety for you and baby, be sure that your mug or tumbler is BPA free (which is not hard to find anymore, thankfully!). We found a straw to be a big bonus - no unscrewing the lid to drink every few minutes!




Sometimes dry, rough spots and cracking cuticles are unavoidable, even when all precautions are taken. Our saving grace these days is Aden and Anais's Soothing Ointment. Made from all the good stuff, like paw-paw fruit and free of all the bad stuff, like parabens and patroleum, this magic balm keeps your skin super soft. Not only for mama, this Soothing Ointment is a fantastic diaper rash ointment for baby as well!

Say No t0 Hot Water!

Possibly the most difficult thing to stay away from on a cold morning....long hot showers. Prolonged showers and baths in hot water will dry out your skin instantly, not to mention raise your core body temperature, which can be dangerous for baby. Keep the water warm (not hot) and have a bottle of jojoba or almond oil nearby for an after-shower total body massage to lock in moisture.

Pamper Your Belly!


Stretching skin + cold winter air = itchy belly disaster! Sooth instead of scratching with Stretch Mark Cream by Aden and Anais. Just like their Soothing Ointment, they have used all the yummy good stuff (like shea butter) while leaving out all the bad (like parabens) for a formula specially designed to help prevent and treat stretchmarks!


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