Why Clothes Matter/ What to Wear When Pregnant

maternity clothes matterBecause studies have shown that people make a first impression in what, the first 3 seconds?  Yes, that impression can change, but first impressions matter.  And sometimes they stick.  And clothes make a difference.  You may feel that they shouldn't...but they do.  So, it feels really important to us that we dress women in clothes that LOOK good on them, AND, that they FEEL good in.  It is very hard to attain one without the other.  And pregnant, that becomes, for many women, a challenge.  Many women walk into the store having zero idea what makes them look or feel good. So, here are some scenarios, and solutions:
  • Feeling nauseous? It's hard to feel good when you feel like you want to puke.  Suggestions:
    • super soft waistbands-often under is better than over if you're prone to nausea
    • dresses that skim the body or flow-even if you're running for the bathroom, you'll look elegant doing it
    • a comfortable well fitting bra-because the body is all connected, and some people find that this helps
    • seamless under belly undies
    • lemon drops, ginger candy and sea bands help too:)
  •  Feeling fat?
    • working the pregnant angle is the best way to manage that challenge
    • empire waists that announce "I'm pregnant!"
    • put a belt on it-and throw it just under the bust-not pregnant people do not wear belts there!
    • make 100% sure that your top is long enough.  Nothing says "fat" on a pregnant belly at any stage more than a top that hits between your belly button and your pelvic bone.  It draws a horizontal line right at your widening point.  Just bad.
    • invest in maternity jeans that fit.  Want to feel bad about yourself in one easy step?  Wear jeans that don't fit.
    • buy clothes that fit you where the baby is not growing-which means pretty much your shoulders and below your knees-everything else is fair game for that little bundle of joy:)
    • if at all possible go to an actual store where you can try on actual clothes on your actual body, or send us a picture and work with our online divas-they know their stuff and style from afar.
Want more help?  Come on in!  We love styling our mamas! Look great, feel even better. Fashion matters.

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