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That's what we do: small batch, carefully curated. Celebs shop with us, but we don't name names, because we don't sell our mailing list, all of our relationships are personal and private.  The paparazzi has stalked folks more than once and it makes us crazy.  And, we did use one of those pics once because, well, because we were new to LA and star struck, and we had hired, temporarily, a PR person who saw the shots taken by the paparazzi, which didn't make us thrilled, but...that's why we were paying her.  So we stopped.  We would never have found them on our own-we're too busy! A nod to one of our fave celebs ever, Kelly Rowland who struck a pose in our Penelope on Instgram.  She is polite, smart, friendly, an amazing mom and, yeah, an amazing singer too!
Kelly Rowland
 We thank her for her love. We just read this the other day, and it totally explains why you don't see our small batch line on celebs.  Why? "Not only do you have to get a product to that celebrity, you have to make sure that celebrity's publicist calls you when she's going to Starbucks, then you have to pay for rights of photos and blast them out to everybody and hope US Weekly actually gives you a credit. " via Yup.  Not gonna do that.  We're just gonna stick to our mission: make moms happy, support our team and the communities where we live and work.  Done!

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