It's All About That Bump

Tags: fashion
Our private collection was born over 10 years ago because it was all about the bump-but no one was making things that "worked the bump" like we wanted them to, so we just had to do it ourselves. Moms are like that :) Mom's Little Not-Only-Black Dress was our third private collection piece.  It was our first piece in our so soft modal, and it featured our signature double weight fabric, because, well, one layer of modal is just not so good.  Plus, it was BMS -Before Mama Spanx. Yes, way back in the dark ages! While some women just feel much more secure with a little Spanx secret helper, the LBD really works well without any secret little helper at's all about embracing the bump, and the booty a little too. No lumps or bumps-just a soft hug and a bunch of very well placed ruches. 
Tags: fashion

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