When the Brooklyn Dress arrived in our stores, we honestly couldn't believe how soft the fabric was. What is this magical substance? Our brilliant Julia in our Palo Alto store sent us the definition. From Julia: Story Time! Today, I was feeling up the new Michael Stars Brooklyn Dress, which is made of Cupro. Most of us do not know what that is, so here is a definition: CUPRO \¦k(y)üˈprō\ n. 1 a: A regenerated cellulose fiber derived from cotton linter (the ultrafine, silky fibers that stick to the seeds of the cotton plant after it’s been ginned) that has been dissolved in a solution of ammonia and copper oxide. b: It is similar to rayon, but breathes and regulates body temperature like cotton. c: Often used as a silk substitute, cupro is noted for its ability to create beautifully draped clothing, except it can be machine-washed and -dried. d: A European relative of Tencel, cupro is a hypoallergenic, antistatic fabric that is resistant to stretching out of shape at higher temperatures. So basically, its made from the cotton waste/leftovers and is verrrry soft.

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