Homeless Prenatal Program and Kim Bochy and Us

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We have been awed and inspired by the HPP www.homelessprenatal.org for 18 years.  It is a local treasure, as are all of the women who work there.  Martha Ryan is possibly the most humble, strong and committed person we have ever met. The HPP offers women an opportunity to build better lives for themselves and their children, and those moms grab that opportunity and do it, lifting themselves and their families out of poverty.  At the HPP's Annual Luncheon today Martha stated "Poverty is an accident of birth."  The number of children living in poverty in our beautiful and wealthy city is staggering. HPP's mission is to change that, one mom at a time.  It's a big job.  If you want to hear more just shoot us a note and we will happily ramble on and on.  Or, just look at their website and join us in our awe:)  www.homelessprenatal.org
Kim Bochy was one of the honorees at today's event and, can we just say, wow- another amazing and humble mom.  Kim and her husband Bruce(who works hard as the manager of the SF Giants, just in case you have girls and/or live outside the Bay Area) are huge HPP supporters.  After we talked HPP with her, we got down to talking about the kids.  And why do I love her?  Because her kids are all grown, but she, like me, pulls out her phone to show us pics of them!  And, they are some handsome guys- in their 30s.  Some of us moms never stop wanting to show off our fabulous kids I guess!! And that is why we are now huge Kim Bochy fans. We were also joined by our moms.  Life is grand, and we are fortunate in so many ways. 
Tags: fashion

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