Green's the Word - A Look at Our Sustainably Focused Designers

We love great design, but we also love taking care of the earth. When these two things combine, we get super excited! We are all about green, eco friendly, sustainable products for pregnant, nursing and new moms! We are proud to say that many of the companies and designers we work with use sustainable materials in their products, create products that lower our environmental impact and participate in programs that donate, reuse or upcycle products. We know that being kind to our earth and finding creative ways to reuse and recycle is as important to you as it is to us, so join us in making this world a better place for our little ones to live in by supporting these companies!  

Boob Designs:

A Swedish Company that uses organic cotton and fleece made from recycled plastic bottles. How awesome is that?

Lily Padz:


Made from breathable, medical grade silicone, Lily Padz are reusable for up to 2 months. Not only are they totally safe, more comfortable and invisible, one pair can take the place of 500 (yes, 500!!!) disposable nursing pads!

Bun Maternity:

This small, local (Los Angeles, CA) and woman-run company pride themselves on using sustainable materials, natural dyes and minimal, recyclable packaging. They are also committed to ethical workplace environments and all of their pieces are made in the USA!

Belly Bandit:

Not only are renewable resources like bamboo used in their products, but Belly Bandit is a huge supporter of Trash 4 Teaching. Customers can send their used Belly Bandit back to the company who washes them, then donates them to T4T to be upcycled by children as they learn about science, technology, engineering, art and math.


Made in the USA, Majamas uses eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and recycled poly to keep their products as green as possible!

Spoiled Mama:

Just about as green as it gets. This organic skincare line is made with 100% natural ingredients either from US farmers or from fair-trade farmers if outside the USA. Their packaging, from jars to tissue paper to business cards, are all recycled (and recyclable) materials and even the energy used to run their website is wind-powered!

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