Fur at Fashion Week + Say Yes to the Vest!

Fashion. It's our thing. Some people geek out over the latest fantasy-adventure book series, a musician, or their favorite sports team. For us, Fashion Week is like the release of the last Harry Potter novel. Although we don't take it too seriously, we eat it right up for the fun of it all! (And yes, we are the kids that spent our time designing our Barbie's clothes out of anything we could find instead of actually playing with them. One of us may have gotten into a some trouble as a 6 year old for cutting out the hem out of our own tweed jacket for the sake of Barbie's fall fashion circa 1994..."But Mom, it's so Chanel!") Back to the real life runway, we couldn't help but notice a raging trend for Fall '15. The use of fur was popping up everywhere!  There is something very juxtapositional about the look of fur that we love: elegant yet rugged, polished, yet wild. Maybe it's the "Dr. Zhivago" factor that makes it so irresistible...   (While we love the texture and warmth that fur brings to an outfit, we only carry the faux version and are happy to learn that many designers are also ditching real fur for faux! Woo-hoo!)       As many of you know, making fashion accessible to the mom2b is our passion. We believe that the pregnant body is a beautiful and incredible thing and it shouldn't be covered up in whatever happens to "fit". Oversized t-shirts, anyone? Yeah. No way. A chick with a bump can look and feel just as fabulous as when she was sans bump (or even more-so, as some customers attest!) And the best part? 90% of the fashion we carry can be worn after baby comes and incorporated into your non-pregnant wardrobe. It just doesn't get better than that! So, are you loving the fur trend as much as we are? We've got just the piece for you that looks amazing with a bump, and waaaaay beyond ;)


The Kai Faux Fur Vest

We SO love this piece. All the luxurious coziness of "fur" (faux, of course) with the practical styling of a vest. Whether you are headed to a Jackson Hole lodge, or just for a stroll around the block on a crisp fall evening, you will never throw on that old fleece jacket again! (This vest runs BIG! Like, really big. XS fits 0-6, S fits 8-10)     Images via StyleCaster

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