What Babies Learn-before they are born

If you've ever been in our stores you know that we indulge our mamas in whatever ways we can, which includes a bowl of kisses-or other chocolate depending upon who's buying.  But, do you know why?  Because we heard that chocolate is good for pregnant women! Annie Murphy Paul's  TED Talk gave us the down low on chocolate, pregnant women and fascinating information on what our babies learn in utero.  No over indulging of course, but, in moderation, chocolate is good for pregnant women.  If we heard it on a TED Talk it must be true, right?

 Another tidbit that Annie mentions is that it is very loud in there, in utero.  And then when they join us, we whisper.  Ha!  Wish that I'd known that, I could have been far less neurotic about noise, and that would have made the baby, everyone else, and me, much happier! We love our TED Talks, we are particularly enamored of the TED Talk "Fierce Mom" Playlist:)  Naturally.

Take a few minutes and listen.

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