Our models? They used to work in the stores!

Through the years we have been thrilled and honored to have many former staff members come back to shop and we asked them to join us as models.  None of them had ever modeled before,  we just like to use clients, so, why not these people we knew and loved?  Real MOM models?  You better believe it! Here are a few, not all: Sara joined us last week at our shoot.  Sara worked with us over 7 years ago when she was a USF student.  She is due in October-with twins! Her mom and sister joined us at the shoot too.:)   So fun!


Dede was a sales associate(maybe?), manager, buyer and then, after her first was born, a "district" manager, who modeled when she was expecting her second in 2012. Jackie is married to our (fabulous) photographer Rob.  She modeled for us with her first and second pregnancy's, seven and four years ago. 

Annie, who managed the store and was our first official "buyer" modeled with her second pregnancy. (We were joined by Jackie and Rob's second-pictured above in utero:) .


Kendra was at our very first shoot....more than 11 years ago.  She worked with us a couple of days a week while she was expecting, and now has 3 "babies".

Our first shoot was a little low tech. The (not pro, but we were grateful for him)photographer was the then-boyfriend, now-husband of Dede (pictured above-it is a family affair!), and we shot in a hotel room.    We are a little mortified by almost everything about this picture-the top (it was a best seller back then.  honest.), the quality of the image and the setting. Kendra is gorgeous.  But, yikes. We are a small biz, with humble beginnings.  And this shoot is proof of that!  Haha.   That was then  Now it is different:)

Gloria managed our Palo Alto store for years and delivered her Matthew this February.

We are honored that all of these moms2b  kept in touch, and then got ready for their close up with us.  There were more, but we have to sift through the archives.  And we look forward to more in the future:)


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