Feelin' the Wonder-Blanqi BellyBand

We are all about Blanqi Love.  And we are semi-obsessed with their new Belly Support Band. It is our latest addition to must-have list for all pregnant moms.  Seriously.  People put this magic band on and you can see the relief in their eyes.  Almost everyone who tries on this smooth, shaping, supportive band wears it out of the shop looking just a little bit lighter and taller.  

We were honored and delighted to have Sabina from Blanqi stop by our Los Angeles store for a visit!  So much fun!    We all could not stop talking-about pregnancy, about motherhood, about our passion about our kids and our businesses and on and on and on.  Can't remember where we ended up sending them for lunch, but we hope that they had a good one.

If you haven't come in and tried a Blanqi Bellyband on, please do!  We've got try-on samples waiting.

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