Go Ahead, Break the Rules!

We love working with women, helping them push their style as their babies push their waistbands. It is yet another "joy" of pregnancy that very few of us nail the pregnancy so as to only need clothes for one season. This time of year is so much fun because we get to help mamas figure out how to break the rules and look amazing, moving from one season to the next, bump and beyond.  Break out the sweaters and boots, but don't pack up the white jeans!  Keep it fresh. (If Rhianna can do it, why not you?)My grandma was an East Coast woman of style: No white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day.  No black patent after Memorial Day or before Labor Day.  She did her best to relay the importance of these rules to her beloved granddaughters.  But.  Yeah.  She was also adamant about the inappropriateness of attending a wedding in black.  And I loved my grandma very much.  And I think that in my entire life I have worn something other than black to...one wedding?  They are still married and no one looked at me askance.One of those granddaughter's bridesmaids were all in fabulous black ball gowns.   Rules are meant to be broken, and life can be so much more fun that way. White jeans are such an essential summer piece, but, sorry grandma, wearing them all through the fall and winter is totally on trend.  Love that!!

 Gloria's entire style is totally wearable long after baby has been born-any shape, any season:)

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