Our "Typical" Client

One of the many many things that we love about what we do is that our "typical" client is...well...yeah...we don't really have one:) Recently one store called to tell us that an identifiable recording artist had been in the shop.  I mentioned this to my teenaged son who said "Wow, I bet that they're not your typical customer." I shrugged and said "Actually, he sort of is."  The next day the teen sent me a text image to prove his point, he wanted me to know that this customer was not typical.  But I was unmoved.  My reply "Well, they are pregnant, or related in some way to someone pregnant or nursing, so, yeah, he actually is as typical as the next."  We LOVE that! Redefining "typical" since 1996.  No "typical" maternity clothes, no "typical" customers, no "typical" associates, just a mess of unique individuals.   

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