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Jump Into Happy!

Julia Stevenson

Posted on October 25 2017

Want to know the secret of how to make a pregnant woman happy?

Give her one single piece that makes her wildly happy.  Why do the women we work with love jumpsuits?  Same reason we do-one and done and dressed for the day.. 

alex&harry makes a chic, on-trend jumpsuit that is as comfy as PJs and also pairs brilliantly with a pair of heels and some bling. How many things can you say that about!?

More than one client owns it in two colors, and it is definitely the piece in everyone's closet that they wake up and look at and say "Will I be seeing anyone today who I saw yesterday? Hmmmm." 

And yes, there are pockets. And yes, people use it for pull aside nursing all the time. You're welcome! ;) 

hudson jumpsuit


    not a maternity jumpsuitmaternity jumpsuit but notmaternity jumpsuit but not


Check out Megan (not pregnant, mom of 2)  rocking it for her Mexican Vacation!

And our buyer Emily, with our client Emily who she ran into,who was due in..2 weeks?

the hudson at 38 weeks

Pairing this with a denim jacket is a clearly a thing!

hudson jumpsuit with jacket

And now there's a new Jumpsuit in town.

The newest jumpsuit for joy is the Candace from Loyal Hana. It's a stylish throw back to the wide leg overall that we all loved and finally get back! Maternity clothes that work beyond the bump beautifully. 

Sometimes we have to compromise in the morning - dress comfortably or dress nicely. With a jumpsuit, that's no longer an issue. Right now, always, getting dressed should be an easy decision and we all agree that wearing a one piece that not only looks good, but feels like heaven is definitely something we've always been on board with!


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