perfect pregnant piece-our "MOM exclusive" story

Our basic ruched tank was our very first MOM exclusive.  We created it to fill a need-women needed a great stand alone piece that also could be layered, to wear to the playground, or the courtroom.  And it just wasn't out there.  So we changed that. And, want to talk classic?  That was over ten years ago. We always have it, year round, in black, white and a selection of seasonal colors.  Most people end up with more than one, a lot of people end up with more that two. It will take you brilliantly from 6 weeks to 6 years beyond the bump.  Yes, someone came in once, pulled a very no-longer-white one out of her bag and said that she had lived in it when she was pregnant with her now 5 year old, then with her now 2 year old, and she just couldn't put it away, and could she please have five in a size Small?  And, no, she was not expecting number three.  She just loved the top. It just works.  And, do we love that it is loved?  Yes we do.  It makes us happy, because it makes mamas happy, and that is what we love to do:) Added bonus? Flip it front to back for a different neckline, as Claudia did above-scoop in front, or boatneck in front.  It's designed to work either way, because, well, why not?!

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