What to wear now? The 1st Trimester

Yes, this is for you Kate L.  Well, it's not just for you, but it is inspired by you:) We get women in the shop every day who are 7-8-9-10 and 11 weeks, who look around furtively and when asked "Is this for you?" reply, usually quietly, "Yes, I know I'm early, but nothing fits.".  Or, one of my favorite replies "I'm just a little pregnant, but nothing fits and my husband told me that  you either 'are or are not pregnant, there is no 'a little' pregnant', and I 'am' so I should come here and stop crying in front of my closet!" Yup, the first trimester is not fun always.  You can feel bloated, nauseous, fat and exhausted, or you can be throwing up, loosing weight, worried and exhausted, or not nauseous at all and just feeling fat!  You are not fat.  You are pregnant.   Dressing can be a challenge, plus, it's your first trimester so you don't want to tell anyone, and you don't want your clothes to tell them for you! Here are a few tips.  More will follow.
  • get clothes that fit, and yes, maternity stores will do that and if you buy right they will not announce pregnancy, just style.
  • do not go up a size, this will just make you look and feel "fat", plus, two weeks later?  you will have outgrown those.  this could end a size 2 in a size 10 pretty quickly and the only thing about the size 10 that will fit even remotely is the waist.  waste of money.  don't do it.
  • if you buy jeans in the first trimester know that they may or may not take you to term.  get ones with an under the bump waistband with belt loops, so if they don't make it to term they will fit you on the trip back down after delivery (that's another post)
  • get things that make you feel cute! try to carve out a chunk of time so you can really try things on and discover what you like on this new and changing silhouette.
Tops with set shoulders and a nice drape over a fitted but supper stretchy skirt look great, and chic, and not maternity, from week 4 to week 40. In the first trimester you can tuck the top into the waistband in front, let it just flow, or wear a loose belt.

Another direction you can go is a less structured top, no set sleeve, like this.  Again 4 to 40.  No problem. And no one will know that you're hiding anything.

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