our "typical" client?

I don't generally try to impress my boys, and certainly don't try to manipulate them into thinking that I am cool-our definitions of this vary;)  But the other day a recording artist came in and I had to share this with my boys, because, well, because I'm human! How to impress teenaged sons: 1. ask them if they know who insert name here is. 2. watch them look at you like you are insane and so stupid and out of it that they feel bad for you 3. tell them that s/he was in your store 4. smile and enjoy your brief moment of cool as they sputter and stutter My older one's response was "not yr usual clientele I dont think" My reply "they're making a baby, so, it's all about your definition" Him "true enough" Yep.  We do not have a "typical" clientele, and that makes our lives grand!  Although none of these people have been in the shop, because we aren't the "naming names" types, they are all representative of our "typical":) 

We cover the spectrums-age spectrum, color spectrum, profession spectrum, religious spectrum, political spectrum and more. Some are on their first baby, some are on their 6th, some have a 20 year old and are having their second, some are on first marriages, some are on second marriages, and some are going it alone. It's all good and happy and we LOVE it!! Our definition of cool?  Getting to know all of you.

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