Breast Milk on a Plane

Attention Alyssa Milano and any other moms who fly and pump, or any moms who pump for that matter! Stop.  Did you know that you could pump in your seat?  Yup.  And they will not throw you off the plane for indecent exposure and the teenager in 4C will not be oogling you.


Oasis has the Collection Cups in her regular bra in all of these. And, while she happens to be flashing the manual handle, obviously you might not do that if you were sitting on a plane, or in a car, or at your desk, or chatting with the electrician.  But, yes, people have been pumping in all of those settings; and the flight attendant, the trucker passing by the car, the colleague who walked in without knocking, and the electrician have all had no idea that they were dealing with a woman who was pumping. Crazy.  True. And, might we say?  It was about time! Already have a pump and don't want to miss out on the revolution?  You know us better than that, don't you?  We've got you covered mama!  The Collection Cups and tubing are sold separately and are compatible with Medela Pump in Style Advanced, Lactina, Personal, and Symphony models.  Need to know which tops are Freemie Friendly?  Got you covered again, just look for the Freemie Friendly Rating throughout the online store, or ask when you're in the store. Have questions?  Can't believe it?  Want to know more?  Read Still have questions? Write us!

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