the birds and the bees...from a 6 year old


It does not surprise me in the least that my friend, former MtW manager, buyer and customer, Dede, avoided the blushing and told her kids when they were young, all about where babies come from. Smart mama. Dede is not only smart, but also hysterical, and approved my sharing of the following FB post: She and her kids were discussing the Baby Shower that they were en route to. "O (her son)pipes up: ‘How does a really big baby fit out of a really small vagina?’OMG.

  • L              Did you show him your scars?
  • Dede       Yes. That's *exactly* what happened next.
  • S              Yeah we'd all like to know the answer to that one. Even those of us who have been through childbirth!
  • A(a dad) Just explain that big babies in tiny mommies get cut out...c section!!!
  • A              Or...tell him 'They don't...they split that junk like a slice of bread and mommy will never make love or pee right forever
  • K             Tell him women's bods are built for that business and mamas been rocking it and recovering just fine since there have been people.
  • Dede      ^ close! I told him that's what mommies bodies are made to do. And they can do amazing things- like superheroes. And his mommy is such a superhero his sister was even born backwards. Had to give myself a shout out for having this convo in the first place. (With little collateral damage. Thanks for the terrifying visuals A )
Yup,  not enough that we have to get that big head through that small exit, but then we get to answer all of their questions! I read my kids "It's So Amazing!" when they were like 5 and 7, having them read the [arts of "bird" and "bee", effectively got that info into their head, and they didn't questions the physics!]

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