Trend Alert-Print Pants

And, Emily, our buyer+, is lovin on them!  She snatched them up for the stores (for you), and then went in and snatched a pair for herself.  Here she is about to go shopping for the store (for you), wearing her new favorite pants of the season.     

Okay, in truth, it's clearly a toss up for her this season, between these and her distressed denim-she just says, "They're different.  You can't compare." I think that she personally made Paige add distressed denim to their maternity offerings-look for them in about a month.  I know that sounds like a long wait, but well worth it, we promise.  In the meantime, you may need these. Easy chic, lightweight and totally on trend.  Yup.  That's Emily!         Side Bar:  Another one of our "small biz sisters", Veronique Maternity in NYC, is closing, and, as with Belly Dance Maternity, we must tip our hats.  This closing is very sad to me because they were located blocks from my grandparent's apartment and I have walked by that corner for many years and admired their wares and their shop.  In fact, before it was Veronique it was Balloon, also a maternity destination for chic mamas.  So, pretty much my entire life, that corner, at 94th(?) and Madison has been a constant. We wish the owner and staff all the best.

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