coachella dreamin'

Coachella is the dream. Although, pregnant? Maybe not so much.  The heat.  The crowds. Yeah.  Maybe not so much.

But.If you were there, where would you be, which stage and when?  Okay, too hard to think about?  Too painful? Yeah, we're not going either, but just looking at the lineup makes us really jealous.

So. More importantly, what would you wear!?!?  Maybe you can just dress the part, crank up the volume and get that baby movin.


Peace Baby Tee over Distressed Denim

Alabama Shakes? AC/DC?    We know, it's really all about AB/CD now :)


Maxi Layering for the Maximum Laid Back Mama

Gotta listen to...Alison Wonderland? Tale of Us?


What Day Isn't the Microstripe Maxi just Perfect for?  Easy, and done!

Florence and the it gonna have to be The Cribs?


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